It is an instrument that elevates and balances our vital field so as to align and allow an easier connection with our brothers in the genealogical line, directly connected with us, in the cosmos.
It can be used as a call for sky-watching sessions or with the specific display to communicate with them.

click here to download the specific frequency to be used with the lamp

Use to communicate: visualization.
Before you start using this tool slow down the pace of your thoughts and concentrate, if it is useful to you, rest your left hand on your heart and feel it beat until you are calm.

Now ask yourself why you want to get in touch,
what would you like to ask and above all,
if you were in these entities, would you like to get in touch with you right now to answer what you ask?

Now you can proceed.

Once you have prepared a dark zone, turn on your instrument and orient the tips of the engraved eye on the surface in a north-south direction.

Create a bond with the field, bringing a hand on the illuminated part at a distance of about 5 cm for a minute, then sit comfortably, with your back erect.

Close your eyes and observe the luminous flux emanating from the surface: the gold in the center rises like a luminous sphere from the source and gently carries itself before your heart. Similarly, the ultraviolet blue in the directions will create four spheres of light that will reach your hands and feet.

Gently enter your body, one at a time, the spheres displayed, the first from the heart, then, in sequence, from the right hand, right foot, left foot and left hand.

Become one with these colors: they give you a feeling of cleanliness and lightness, you feel reaching out to the future.

The blue at your ends begins to move and expands along your limbs, reaching the golden sphere in the center of your chest and the generated fields begin to interact, pulsating together.

Between gold and blue, a special, spherical and iridescent surface is created where you simply know you have always been, in your true nature.

You are in this field. Look around and you will see, at various distances, many luminous spheres.
See if a light or shape is approaching.

Don't be in a hurry. The times in this space are dilated.

When an Entity presents itself, bow down, not out of inferiority but as a greeting and gratitude for the encounter. To have respect you have to bring respect. 

Introduce yourself and ask who you're communicating with.

It's time to ask your question.Place it and wait.

Your answer will come, heard or in the form of an image.

Once you receive your information, ask if there are any other communications for you, and once the interaction is complete, thank you from your heart.

Slowly retreat, return to the golden field of your heart and observe the ultraviolet field retracting, recreating the four spheres at the end, which in turn come out of your area and return to position above the instrument.

The golden light remains with you, at the center of your heart.

Blue lights on the surface fit into the instrument.

Take a slow and long inhale and release your breath, with satisfaction.

When you're ready, you slowly regain the sense of your body, expanding. Move your hands and extremities slowly,

Slowly open your eyes again and take with you the harmony and beauty of this experience.