Welcome to The Frequency Matrix site, where you can find theory and products that use the frequencies of the magnetic matrix to improve the well-being of you, your animals and the environments in which you live.

The lexicon of this site is designed for people and researchers who work and know the magnetic field in its manifestations. Sometimes therefore the texts can be difficult for those who have not undertaken the path of a technical knowledge.

For these we can briefly say that, from our research, we have discovered relationships between the magnetic field, geometries, frequencies, angles and matter that allow the use of magnetic particles and orient them in certain functions.

From here, inventions were born that allow us to exploit this knowledge to make this technology usable to everyone and to experience it even if without the complete vision of the system.

In general, each product combines a certain magnetic field, a series of information and frequencies so changes can occur in the material field to which they are applied. On the page of each product you will find a description and indication of the application that allow, without necessarily knowing the whole theory, to understand the use and purposes and be able to use them in everyday life.

We therefore give a warm welcome to all visitors to this site and a good experience to those who decide to bring it into their daily lives.

| The Geometries of Taste

The sense of taste arises from the interaction, or exchange of fields and frequencies, between food and taster and is mediated by microorganisms and the test environment.

All matter is frequency and vibration. By engraving a surface with a line, we obtain a waveguide that directs vibration into the air of the groove.

Using then a studied set of lines, in fractal geometry, we can compose complex frequencies and, through color, give a specific direction to the composition, increasing or evanescence.

Using this principle and thanks to the use of black copper that confines vibrations to a defined space […]

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| Frequency Mats

The Frequency Mat is a rectangular band available in different models and sizes, specially designed to spread the frequency programs of the Frequency Matrix system through the innovative wireless magnetic transmission antenna, faithfully and without any distortion.

The materials used have been chosen in harmony with each other, they are soft and durable as well as customizable in color and materials.

It is the first product created and offers the widest availability of standard and customized programs on the specific needs of the user.

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| K-Momentum

The novelty of October: it is a lamp that works on the physical and emotional level reinforcing the energy and vital field of the element (person, animal, vegetable or environment) that receives the treatment. It is a lamp that was created to dynamize stale energies and bring them to a more intense natural balance.

The LEDs of the red side allow to transport, through magnetism, the information of the field created in a denser and more material environment, the LEDs of the blue side raise the vibratory frequency and bring the densest material energies into a thinner area. The two polarities, working together, resonate and create a continuous flow.

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