Available programs

Basic, always provided 
with any product of the Frequency Matrix line
– Evolution 72min, 36min, 10min, 03min
– Balance 36min, 10min
– Painkiller 8min
– Anti-inflammatory 9min
– Energy Unlock 9min
– Detox, 10min
– Solfeggio-Equ, 17min
– Solfeggio417, 21min
– Solfeggio with the Matrix

On request, to be chosen according to the model purchased:

Always useful
– Hydration, 10min
– Good General Health
– Sleep Well, 13min
– Anti-stress,
– Headache
– Digestion

Aesthetics – Skin Anomalies
(in combination with DrenoGel or Monoi)
– Anti Acne, 13min
– Anti Wrinkles, 16min
– Anti Cellulite, 11min
– Hair strengthening and growth, 17min
– Body swelling, 13min
– Fat Burning, 13min
– Circulation Improvement, 11min
– Cellular rejuvenation, various programs, from 4min
– Metabolism Reactivation, 13min
– Slimming, 10min
– Toning, 9min

– Acne, 13min
– Allergies, 13min
– Antifungal, 9min
– Hematomas, 13min
– Soothing for burns, 13min
– Itching, 12min
– Skin strengthening, 11min
– Warts (in combination with Rescue Pen), 17min

– Improvement of back mobility, 9min
– Vital Energy, 21min
– Increases in muscle mass, 13min
– Bone fractures, 9min
– Tendon strains, 13min
– Muscle tears, 13min
– Epicondylitis, 13min

Special for winter
– Antiemetics, various types, from 13min
– FluKiller, 9min
– Antipyretic, 21min
– Bronchitis, 13min
– Breathing, 13min
– Immune Defenses, 13min
– Fluidifier, 13min
– Throat, 11min
– Catarrh Mucus (elimination), 43min
– Infections, 11min
– Cold, 17min
– Nux Vomica (effect), 13min

Emotional States
– Acceptance to Change, 11min
– Balance Hemispheres, 11min
– Compassion, 13min
– Determination, 13min
– Reset Cellular Memories, 13min

Some goodies for widespread needs
– Video games-Self-regulation, 4min
– UnlockIngDiaphragm, 8min
– Osmotic Balance, 9min
– Precision, 13min
– Iliac Sacrum Realignment, 9min
– Heartbreakers, 9min
– Stop Tobacco, 9min
– Memory Enhancement, 11min
– Lucid Dreams, 11min

Didn’t find what you were looking for? There are still many more available from a list of over 600 precompiled. 

Always on request, it is possible to create PERIODIC PERSONALIZED SPECIFIC PROGRAMS based on the physical / emotional problems of the moment. Request your program by filling the form below, we will be happy to help you!

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