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Welcome to the theory section of The Frequency Matrix.

In this section you will find the basic information on invisible fields, that use the frequencies of the magnetic matrix and which can be used to improve the well-being of you, your animals and the environments in which you live.

The lexicon of this site is designed for people and researchers who work with and know the magnetic field in its manifestations. Sometimes therefore the texts can be difficult for those who have not undertaken a path of technical knowledge.

For these we can briefly say that, from our research, we have discovered relationships between the magnetic field, geometries, frequencies, angles and matter that allow the use of magnetic particles and orient them in certain functions.

From here, were created inventions that allow to exploit the acquired knowledge making this technology usable by everyone and to experience it, even without a complete vision of the system.

Therefore, we warmly welcome all visitors and wish a good experience to those who decide to bring it into their lifes.


This journey started a few years ago, at the local coffee under my home. 

I had been studying magnetic fields and their singularities for a few years and while waiting for a coffee, as usual, I started playing with my coins.

I took the one euro coin and I started rotating it on itself. I noticed that the coin, despite being flat, created by rotation the optical effect of a small sphere in which the lines on the perimeter formed nice spots spinning. From there the surprise: the dark wooden top of the desk allowed a nice contrast with the color of the coin and let me observe from above, as the coin widened the angle of oscillation in respect to the vertical, the consecutive appearance of all the geometric figures, from the triangle to the ennagone. 

Amazed, I did it again and noticed the appearance of the same figures: as the sides of the appearing polygons increased, the time of showing the figure was exponentially reduced and that the last visible one (on the first turn I had not considered) was the circle, formed by the flat coin lying on the desk.
Ideally, this last manifestation identified the passage from our universe of observation to another: at that specific point, in our dimension it stopped rotation and in another the coin began.

This great little event in life was the visible demonstration of all the previous observations and, combining what we saw with an earlier mathematical intuition on pure periodic numbers, the basic points of my theory came out: the Matrix of Natural Resonant Frequencies. 

Not being the place to deepen, I report below some strong points to allow you to understand the operating models of all the products presented and those that will come.

1. Everything is Information. Information is the a small elements of toroidal shape that make up the thin dust of the magnetic field.

2. The universe is holographic and repetitive in scale, like fractals. Internally, therefore, the information is a complete system of magnetic dust on a reduced scale but to explain its interaction and activities we can consider it as influential as an amalgam of pulsations or frequencies of magnetic pressure, each with its angle of propagation, trend and energy. They are so small that are observable only as a whole, unique, specific and characteristic.
Therefore, two pieces of information cannot be identical and thanks to their global electrostatic field they can aggregate through monoatomic bonds, like the thread of a pearl necklace, to create together pulsations at complex rhythms.

3. The field in all its density states, including Matter, consists of information that moves through pulsation routes/cycles on 3 axial:
sky/earth, called magnetic,
right/left, called electric,
back/front, called observation (what we usually call erroniously time).

Time is generated by the observer making cyclic spiraloid rotations in both directions, expanding and contracting. Between the expansion, whose characteristic element is air and where thoughts and contraction dominate, where the characteristic element is water and where matter dominates in different degrees of condensation, there is a singular, perpendicular and balanced field where the tangent of the pulsation waves has resulted infinite. The relationship between the infinity of our fields and the infinity of the elements agreed with us in this temporal flow gives the sense of matter. 

4. Colors are also globally information. In practice, axial singularities generated by field interactions. By exposing an element to a color, the observer moves the field (absorbing information from that area) in a specific magnetic direction, towards compression or expansion, and according to the chosen gradation defining the angle of the trend with its acceleration;

5. What we know materially as water, or the dimensional ratio between the two pulsations of hydrogen (one in compression and one in expansion) and an oxygen molecule is the element that defines the flow characteristics of time in the dimension since it represents the spatial or temporal unit of delay between the points of the torsional information flow, the two hydrogens and the result of their combined creation, in the third axis, oxygen. 

6. Hydrogen has a pulsation equal to one per cycle, the second hydrogen equally of one per cycle, oxygen of eight per cycle and their global interaction becomes 10 per cycle or numerically the first element of a base 100 progression. Together the three elements define the rhythm of origin, lateral extension and depth extension or the inertia of the system.By varying the space, then the flow characteristics between oxygen and the two hydrogen waves, you change size.

7. In absence of flux, the geometries identify, based on the number of angles, the quantities of cycles per unit and, when dragged by the observer’s field, they become the frequencies that we know as electromagnetic. The same thing happens on the other axes and we can therefore define the geometries as frequencies in stasis over time. 

8. In matter, different frequencies are the same pulse, with different angle of observation. A frequency of 3hz is a frequency of 6hz with an inclined viewing angle of 45 degrees.

9. For reasons of geometry between the axes, the Natural Base Resonant Frequencies are singularities in the axis of time and connect different time points, are dominant and function as a tuner because they align the information entered (which by their characteristic have an inertia vector) at different points of time at the same time. In each dimension there are 81 and 36 of these are used to set the characteristic states of the dimension. They are repeated holographically according to mathematical sequences and can be organized into nodes/gradients and levels/magnitude according to the scheme of the Matrix of Natural Resonant Frequencies.
They are therefore the ways through which the Consciousness of the Observer supports matter and, through the information transported with their vectors, gives its characteristics and susceptibility over time.
The reality we observe is the construct supported by these flows.

The Matrix of Natural Resonant Frequencies
It is a representative graphic scheme that allows you to organize and read the data of temporal resonances in a simple and intuitive way. Below are some hints for his understanding:

  1. Groups of frequencies operating in the same scope are called Octaves or Magnitudes and in the matrix are the rows. They depend on the horizontal angle of the Observer and the torsion induced by the inclination. There are 7, each has all the nodes or gradients and makes up a specific area of physical dimensional. An example is the D that insists on the cellular scope or the N class that insists on the DNA of a body. These are the rows of the matrix. Their equilibrium field is the N field.
  2. Other frequency groups are nodes or gradients. There are 9 of which two, position 1 and position 2 define the field of action: in the Matrix are the columns. They depend on the torsion induced by the Observer between the two sources and the number of angles generated by this. Each note has its own characteristic oscillatory path, from magnitude to magnitude and has its own corresponding point defined by density and velocity in Matter, its own characteristic geometry. Gradient 6 is the longitudinal axis of symmetry corresponding to DNA that connects all dimensions and is the door, moment by moment, of the multiverse. 
  3. Each note/gradient is composed of the sum of all notes/gradients of the higher octave/magnitude.
  4. The motion of the frequencies, if not artificially forced, condenses from the DNA to descend and expands from the DNA to rise. Below the DNA that serves as the median field where the tangent has infinite result. The characteristics of contraction expansion of the field on both sides of this axis of symmetry is a consequence of the wave movement of Time/Observer. 
  5. Each level, each octave and each note, with respect to the previous and the next rotates in the opposite way.
  6. Time has 9 Nodes. They are repeated cyclically in 5 cycles and 4 cycles with a mixed rhythm 2 in expansion and 2 in compression due to the apparently unbalanced torsion rate. The first 2 are defined by the Observer and are the synchronization of the information flow with the inertia of the environment: in the Matrix are the depth.
  7. The center of the matrix is a full equilibrium in time and is the N6 field. Given the sferaloid characteristic of the field, from this point the calculation of the progressive torque derived from the dynamic lever with respect to the center is applied. From here the spark that gives origin and life to matter expands.

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