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General information on using the programs
As you learned in the theory part every element in matter is built from information, frequency and energy.
In a simplified way it can be said that if everything can be traced back to the One,
information is the form you want to give to that one,
frequency is how many times this is folded back on itself within a cycle and
energy represents its permanence in the field of observation.

Getting deeper on program side, we can say that these are information and frequency together: frequency is given by sound while information is sent in the magnetic channel by the program on the website (downloading them locally would not send the information).

There are several methods by which we can use this splendid tool on the various occasions of our lives and here we will indicate some that can be of help to all enthusiasts who are entering this splendid world. We will list them in order of effectiveness.

1. SOUND method:
Simply spreading the program in the air and listening to them.
The advice is to close your eyes and feel the field as a path within which to be led. In this way they work directly physical.

2. Through a CARRIER:
The frequencies are aerial electromagnetic fields and as the moon influences the tides also the frequencies influence the electrostatic fields of the liquids thus generating specific internal geometries. It is therefore possible to inform a carrier (water, essential oils, gans, etc) by placing the audio speaker sideways with respect to a container which is recommended to be made of transparent glass.
Once the program is finished, the vector is ready and can be absorbed at a pace based on the wishes and characteristics of the work to be performed.

3. With MAGNETIC JACK (Jack.Al)
With the use of a magnetic Jack (if you want to buy click here) the frequencies acquire power and work on multiple propagation axes simultaneously. The magnetic jack allows you to transform electric fields into magnetic pressure fields, thus also working on the sky/earth axis and allowing for an efficiency multiplied by about 1 magnitude (1000x). Furthermore, listening to the frequencies can be combined with others of magnetic pressure in order to complete the field on which you want to work from several fronts.

4. With FREQUENCY READY products
In this case you choose the tool (or several that combined together work in harmony, integrating each other) most suitable for the type of work you want to do, combining the various fields of propagation and the axes you want to work on. Each instrument has specifications that allow precise work, for example the mat can work directly on the body informing the water inside and can accept all types of programs, the K-line lamps can work immediately on aerial fields and therefore on the environment, on the mental and then also on the physical.


If you want to know more about the frequencies and their use, by clicking here you can find the activities available right now online or in person.

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