The environment is the field within which the magnetic inertia created generates the limits of experience.

The Jack.Al
Wall| K
Frequency Rectifier
BluRed (humidity control)

The Resonant Frequency Matrix
Color Scheme

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The Jack.Al

Instrument for the transformation of electromagnetic waves into heaven_earth pressure waves (1000x more powerful) and for personal connection to the living environment.

Standard 3.5” jack for connection to the audio socket of your tablet/player/computer with a nano-coated metal filament inside, a magnetic superconductor that changes the propagation angle of the electromagnetic waves introduced, bringing it into alignment with the observation field . This makes it possible to generate strong entanglement per relationship and thus globally extend (and beyond) the sending antenna/connected element transmission range (scientifically proven).

How to use it:
The Jack.Al can be combined with a Frequency Ready element (mats, lamps, etc.) by inserting it into the audio socket of the player used and selecting the “Antenna synchronization” frequency program in the preliminary programs folder at this link and, at the end of playback this will be connected to the product through which the pressure waves will be emitted.

Or use it directly by placing the hole at the top of the protective cover on the fingertip of your choice for 9 seconds so that the entanglement connection is generated. The Jack.Al at this point will be able to send the signal, even at a distance. There are also many specific points in the body with which dedicated balancing operations can be carried out and the techniques for doing so are dealt with during the courses.

Although in environments it is better to use one of the dedicated products such as lamps and walls, finally The Jack.Al can also be connected to environments by recording the entanglement, positioning it in the corner of the area where you want to propagate the frequencies for 60 seconds.

Once one of these easy procedures has been performed, the connection will last over time until we want to disconnect it. If you want, just select the “Disconnecting antennas” program at this link.

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Normalization of natural and artificially induced environmental fields. Wellness and harmony.

It is a wall created for environments. It allows to restore the vibrations present both of endogenous and exogenous origin, both natural and artificially induced by modern technologies.

Technologically very innovative, this Plexiglas surface behaves like a meta material, completely programmable by induced frequency (Frequency Matrix program list) and reacts to the present field by normalizing the absorbed frequencies by putting them back into a natural balanced emission. 

The effects are of a more correct distribution of information within the environment and a harmony that has effects both in air fields and in aqueous fields, both on living beings and on plants.

Product-specific programs available:
1. Anti-electrosmog
2. Harmony
3. Vital
Energy 4. Solfeggio-Equ
5. Detox

Optional and recommended programs for this product:
1. Anti Stress
2. Cellular rejuvenation
3. Plant growth

AllAccess to the database specific programs for this issuer and general.
Click here to view the matrix

Emission Colors:
Entire range
Structure: Black

Dimensions (mm):
Dia 670, thickness 3

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Reduction of humidity, both environmental and rising, thermal balancing.

It is the first helium-chromic lamp that exploits the movement and vibratory frequencies of magnetic plasma to eliminate the problems of rising and environmental humidity. Through the use of two fans positioned in an appropriate geometry, colors that impose a trend to the magnetic field and an intermediate disk with the function of wave conductor, a sphere of magnetic plasma is created which, thanks to a specific frequency program, allows to create a barrier to the ascent of water. BluRed works without the need for condensate tanks and with minimal power consumption.

Programs available specifically for this lamp:
Anti-humidity, Cleaning of the house fields, Thermal balance, Evolution 10 min
Programs available and recommended for this lamp: Detox, Vital Energy, Schumann 7.83Hz

Dimensions (mm):
diameter 260, height 390
discs: thickness 5

Basic frequencies:
Nodes 4, Octaves: D-C-K Disc: Knots: 6, Octaves: D-C-K nanocoated metal:
Nodes 3-6, Octaves N-D-C-K

Access via antenna to the database specific programs for this emitter and general.

Emission: Red and Blue
Structure: Black

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Frequency Rectifier

Specific environmental defense against electromagnetic frequencies through geometric, chroma and magnetic normalization.

To download the user guide click here

Frequency Rectifier is an environmental system that normalizes frequency ranges, such as those of telephone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and satellite transmissions, and gives them a suitable and sustainable transmission rate for our body and for our magnetic field.

It is composed of: 1 box of black plexiglas that does the real normalization work, capturing in the environment all the frequency signals present in the magnetic field and normalizing them thanks to a set of characteristics such as:
the material, the shape (vibrational class 6), the golden proportions, the incisions on the surface that emit their specific frequencies, the nanocovered metal antenna and the chroma (UV, green and RGB) and the Gans of Cobalt, Iron, Vanadium, present inside.

3 resonators in transparent plexiglass, connected by magnetic antennas in nanoblanket metal that allow to capture and redistribute the frequencies managed in the environment.

The box is powered by a 5-volt socket, consumes very little energy and can be installed on the ground or hung on the wall, emitting, in this position, a pleasant color. Plexiglas resonators must be applied to the perimeter of the treated environment in order to obtain maximum results.

This product is also Frequency Ready and can be synchronized as a speaker with other devices in the environment.

Dimensions (mm)
Box: width min 115, max 130, body height 30, with feet 44
Resonators: dia 39, sp.3

Resonators: Nodes 6, Octaves: C-K and higher
Nanocovered metal: 6 knots, octaves 1Z-N-D-C-K Frequency
Ready: Can with specific program be connected to other Frequency devices in the house

Emission colors:

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Vibratory support to plants in pots or on soil to facilitate rooting, growth and defense against external agents.

Veggie is a ground antenna with targeted frequency emission for radical or aerial support by charging frequencies on mycorrhizal networks, vibrating in the same band as the water. It is possible to program the antenna by creating antenna-plant element entanglement: through the touch of a part on which you want to intervene, with the head of the nanocovered metal filament you can use the specific vibratory frequency, with a significant increase in performance.

It exists in two versions:
VeggieW, white color, dedicated to the growth of leaves and flowers, VeggieB, black color,
for roots and stems. 

Dimensions (mm)
width 42, height 120, thickness 4 or: width 27, height 76, thickness 4

Pendant: Knots: 3-8 or 3-5, Octaves: N-D Nanocovered metal: Nodes 6, Octaves 3z-2z-N-D

Emission: UV from emitting lamp on nanocovered
metal Antenna:
Black or White

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