Eso line(gene/si).k

Everything we observe is frequency and vibration that becomes


when time stops unfolding and becomes present. There are basic geometries that over time generate all the possible varieties of


whether material or immaterial. There are seven and in progression they go from the triangle to the ennagono; the others are descended from it and are complex constructs. The balancing figure between these is the


the line of demarcation between the expansion towards sensations and the compression towards matter. It is the field of


that aligned with all points of consciousness can see the levels of creation and, through this frequency, reconnect the existing divine part to the material one. When this phase takes place, the


it is no longer suffered but governed by our eternal, harmonious and peaceful part, which expresses the


of the experience on the planet. This series of artifacts bring back the harmony and connection between the planes, thanks to the resonance induced by shape, materials and gems chosen, studied and assembled with a vibrational connection.

This way leads to the wearer news from the inner world in the form of situations, meetings, trips or expectations that allow them to know their evolution and to bring themselves in the privileged position of

Observer in the Present
of the Fantastic Journey of

Each of these objects is a unique and personalized work of art on the vibratory frequency of the buyer through quantum programmer, with certificate of authenticity and property deliverable on request in NFT.

It is such an advanced technology that it can be confused with Nature. Thanks to the use of a quantum programmer, it is possible to orient the exosomes of any object, giving it for example the specific vibratory frequency of the person who buys it so that this new relationship amplifies its qualitative and balancing effects.

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