Body is the time of our limitations, those chosen and condensed in matter by the Spirit to be overcome in experience for evolution.

The Jack.Al
Eternity Mirror
Tattoos Ki.2
Spirals Freq.Hot
Pendants and emitters
Informed Gans

The Resonant Frequency Matrix
Color Scheme

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The Jack.Al

Instrument for the transformation of electromagnetic waves into heaven_earth pressure waves (1000x more powerful) and for personal connection to the living environment.

Standard 3.5” jack for connection to the audio socket of your tablet/player/computer with a nano-coated metal filament inside, a magnetic superconductor that changes the propagation angle of the electromagnetic waves introduced, bringing it into alignment with the observation field . This makes it possible to generate strong entanglement per relationship and thus globally extend (and beyond) the sending antenna/connected element transmission range (scientifically proven).

How to use it:
The Jack.Al can be combined with a Frequency Ready element (mats, lamps, etc.) by inserting it into the audio socket of the player used and selecting the “Antenna synchronization” frequency program in the preliminary programs folder at this link and, at the end of playback this will be connected to the product through which the pressure waves will be emitted.

Or use it directly by placing the hole at the top of the protective cover on the fingertip of your choice for 9 seconds so that the entanglement connection is generated. The Jack.Al at this point will be able to send the signal, even at a distance. There are also many specific points in the body with which dedicated balancing operations can be carried out and the techniques for doing so are dealt with during the courses.

Although in environments it is better to use one of the dedicated products such as lamps and walls, finally The Jack.Al can also be connected to environments by recording the entanglement, positioning it in the corner of the area where you want to propagate the frequencies for 60 seconds.

Once one of these easy procedures has been performed, the connection will last over time until we want to disconnect it. If you want, just select the “Disconnecting antennas” program at this link.

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Frequency Mats

Mental, physical and emotional well-being. Increased energy in the magnetic vibratory field.
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The system consists of a pair of nano-covered metal resonators: one sending, with connection jack to the mp4 player and one receiving, placed inside the mat with a specific geometry, connected magnetically (entagled). In addition to this inside the mattress there are:
1. a triple resonator and four vibrating elements, which thanks to the sound forwarded by speakers transmit the wave without distortion inside the body and create an induced magnetic field that communicates at all levels;
2. five platelets informed with the frequencies of gold, methyl, carbon dioxide, copper and zinc that improve the penetrance of sound by working respectively on ascending, descending, musculature and nervous system resonant fields;
3. a plate with liquid crystals that allows to reach in addition to the Hertzian diffusion of the sound, the infrared plane and further improve the results. 

Dimensions (cm)
Frequency mat is available in different versions:
for human usage
professional, length 110, width 38, thickness 7
medium, length 81, width 36, thickness 7
medium small high, length 27, width 72, thickness 7
medium small, length 65 width 35, thickness 7
small, length 25 width 45, thickness 7
mini add-on length 33 width 17, thickness 7 or length 20, width 25, thickness 7

For horses and animals
large, length 120, width 49, thickness 7
medium, length 64, width 46, thickness 7
small, length 33, width 54, thickness 7

To consult the list of programs click here 

Nodes All, Octaves: All
Antenna access to the database of specific programs for this emitter and general.

No color emission

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Eternity Mirror

It is a mirrored gold resonator whose surface has been programmed to release bodily resistances and confer cellular rejuvenation to the body.

How to use:
Turn off the artificial lights and if the environment is too dark light a candle; The resonator works even in the absence of light and for evolutionary boundary conditions, if you want to work mainly on the material, we still recommend a natural soft source.

Position yourself at a distance of about the diameter of the chosen mirror and fix your reflected figure, with your eyes positioned approximately in the middle of the surface.

Slow down the breath and expand the phases in particular by exhaling slowly.

Stay as firm as possible in the position with both body and gaze, avoiding blinking.

If you are attracted by one of the engraved geometric figures, shift your gaze to it and remain in observation, silent, until you feel that the field received is sufficient. 

The recommended duration of sessions is at least 10 minutes for 2 times a day. If you have time, the sessions can be extended at will without limit.

This resonator is programmed with electromagnetic fields that allow the material with which it was made to receive and propagate information in the environment. The incisions on the surface emit, each, its own specific resonant frequency that confines the field of the Observer, concentrating it in the areas of balance and natural balance, then allowing, in the act of focus, to improve one’s mental direction and, consequently, move more field within the balanced area.

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Ki.2 tattoos

Improvement of personal balance through the insertion of information in the boundary field, i.e. alignment of natural internal electrostatic fields with consequent improvement of balance.

It is a kit of informed tattoos that release during their presence information in the zone of reversal of the temporal flow (these areas are called limiary zones, one of which coincides with the body limit).

The kits consist of 3 tattoos, each with different structures, colors and information, aimed at restoring your natural balance. Each tattoo is marked with the progressive indication with which they are to be applied, one for each week.

Even when the tattoo is physically removed or eroded from use, the information continues to work until the expected recovery is complete, based on the imbalance, generally in about a week.

Dimensions (mm)
dia. 24, sp.0.5

Various frequencies according to uses, in general:
Geometry Knots: 8-4-3,
Octaves: N

Method of application:
– Choose a smooth and hairless area
– Clean with soap and dry well
– Cut the tattoo around it
– Remove the transparent layer from the tattoo in application
– Place the part with the design on the skin
– Place a wet cloth on the support card left in sight
– After about 30 seconds, when the card is completely wet, Remove it and let the remaining part in the air dry.

Tips for use:
Pay attention to the tattoo and its application: you are working on the information of the body and this is a sacred act.
The material duration of the tattoo is usually between 3 and 7 days depending on the ambient humidity, washing and friction suffered.
To maximize the stay it is therefore advisable to keep it protected from these elements.

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Freq.Hot Spirals

Pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory action, realignment of the body axes (knees, hips, shoulders) and rebalanced energy, stabilization and mental focus, accelerator of recovery from physical trauma. General harmonizer of body frequencies.

It is a passive oscillator, i.e. a frequency emitter that is activated thanks to the force of gravity.

The system is composed of two small elements in nanoblanketed metal, that is treated and transformed into a superconductor of magnetism with a stewed thermomagnetic process, wrapped in a closed spiral and anchored to a brass ring that indicates the orientation to position them correctly.

The elements, once applied, begin to vibrate resonating at a natural frequency that expands until it finds the correct transmission point and penetrates the body propagating autonomously through transmission lines (such as meridians).

With the originated resonance, or magnetic plasma, the body autonomously manages the energy produced and transports it to the points of deficiency or overload, up to complete homeostatic balance.

The effects are many and among the most evident we can mention a better punctual reactivity, increased performance in case of athletic need and a better thermal balance in all conditions. If there is a need to repair the body structure, the magnetic plasma will act as a reservoir of energy and the body can quickly regain its well-being by quickly overcoming any states of pain.

Nanocoated metal: Nodes 2 to 9, Octaves N-D-C-K

Emission: All

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Lightness and body well-being derive from the release of cellular memories present in body water (it creates inertia) and the balancing with the mental field. It rebalance these two fields and support entities in the changing of habits generating mental lightness.

This product straightens the compression  and temporal expansion fields typical of the water and air elements respectively, and restores the communication routes with the internal and external dimensional levels. The fields in evanescence and in temporal compression have precise proportions and angles of development over time which, due to the events we run into in our life, lose their initial balanced shape and generate inertia in motion, reducing the availability of energy for our body.

How to use
For general rebalancing, apply the resonator with the golden face towards the body behind the neck a few centimeters below the C1 vertebra or anteriorly in the heart position and hold it for the necessary time (minimum 2 minutes). It wrks well also in digestion aid, placed at stomach position or 5 cm below the navel.

During night rest, is also recommended, placed under the pillow, always with the golden face towards the body.

If wanted, 2 discs can also be coupled together, generating fields in exponential strength.

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Pendants & Emitters


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Defense against electromagnetic frequencies of mobile phones, WiFi and electronic devices, through geometric normalization.

It is a pre-programmed nano-coated metal filament, folded into the shape of three circles with as many twists between one circle and another. The garments are free or rolled up on themselves in the form of a spiral, making it a closed resonator.

By placing your finger on the head of the nanocovered wire you can customize it with your specific vibratory frequency, with a significant improvement in performance.

Dimensions (mm)
diameter rims 3, metal thickness 0,3

Knots 1-3-6-9, Octaves: D-C-K

No emission

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Personal physical and emotional well-being and excellent defense against environmental electromagnetic frequencies through magnetic normalization.

Blue-R, as big as a pendant, to wear or carry in your pocket, is an antenna receiver of magnetic frequencies on ultraviolet band automatically emitted every three hours from a source in multiple refractive geometry, internal pentagonal and external hexagonal.

The effect is the vibratory increase of the personal magnetic field and the refocusing of our frequencies into a new healthy balance. 

By placing your finger on the head of the nanocovered wire of the pendant you can customize it with your specific vibratory frequency, with a significant improvement in performance.

Dimensions (mm)
diameter 42, thickness 3

Frequencies Pendant:
Nodes 3-8 or 3-9, Octaves: C-K
nanocated metal: Nodes 6, Octaves N-D-C-K

Colors Emission:
UV from emitting lamp on nanocoated
metal Pendant: Black or White

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Personal physical and emotional well-being and excellent defense against environmental electromagnetic frequencies through magnetic normalization.

Receive is a system composed of a pair of sending-receiving antennas that allows, in addition to receiving the ultraviolet frequency of Blue-R, to select from a database frequency programs to mitigate the most varied situations or to optionally access customized programs based on your vibratory state. With the purchase of the system, general programs are also immediately available that have the function of freeing the transmission channels, increasing availability and restoring the correct rhythm of propagation of the body’s energies in two versions. By placing your finger on the head of the nanocated wire of the pendant you can customize it with your specific vibratory frequency, with a significant improvement in performance.

Programs available with the purchase of this product:
Balance 10 minutes and 36 minutes, Evolution 10 and 36 minutes, Anti-inflammatory 9 minutes, Painkiller 8 minutes, Solfeggio+Balance 17 minutes

Optional and recommended programs for this product:
Anti Stress, Detox, Rejuvenation, “Solfeggio” complete

Dimensions (mm)
diameter 42, thickness 3

Pendant: Nodes 13-3-4-1, Octaves: C-K
Nanocated metal: Nodes 6, Octaves N-D-C-K
General programs with all frequencies and specifications from the catalog or customized according to body magnetic analysis.

UV from emitting lamp on nanocated metal
Pendant: Black or White

To consult the list of programs click here

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Informed Gans

Gans are literally Nano Solid State Gases and are elements in a new defined state of matter. The person who has made them known with his work in recent years is the Iranian nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, who through his foundation has taught the world how to make them at home and explained most of the possible applications. In reality, this type of technology has its origins in the ancient alchemy of metals where with a very similar system for the realization of sublimation the so-called Hormus was created, a condensed liquid that allowed to cure most of the problems of the time.

To date, the advantage of the use of Gans del compared to other technologies is that these represent the magnetically balanced state between the so-called “magnetic” field (ascending, compressing) and the “gravitational” field (descending, expanding) which therefore allows to transfer its properties, through vibrational interference, to other elements in turn usable and surrogate, without affecting the characteristics of the mother element used, which remains active over time. 

An example of classic use is water that in contact with these elements changes its organization of internal electrostatic flow by restructuring and coupling to the field emitted by the Gans, thus becoming plasma water or rich in magnetic plasma (natural coherent vibration).The Gans should never be drunk directly, the water or the plasma carrier created with them will be used with equal efficiency.

The Gans, being the state of vibrational origin over time, can be obtained from any element of matter and there are some, main, that respect the orientations of the axes of the body, human, animal or vegetable that is and are the most used.

The two main ones are defined:

Cup#1 – It balances the emotional field, gives energy and strength to the body, its plasma water can be drunk in small quantities (5cc at a time) or, wetting a gauze or a handkerchief, resting on the painful part directly. It can also be sprayed with a suitable vaporizer on any part of the body except in the eyes.

Cup#2 – It balances the physical field, works mainly on red tissues, its plasma water can not be ingested except under special conditions and can be applied from the axis of the heart down by spray or by soaking a tissue and placing the latter on the painful area.

The Gans, which are field and energy, are further processed by us before delivery with the programming of specific information, amplified and normalized in the emission through color fields. 

How to use:
Once the two bottles have been received, it is advisable to pour them completely into a larger container with a lid and to fill the latter with fresh water to its maximum size.

Once filled with water, close with the cap and shake the element so that the Gans mix in the container and then let the liquid rest, placing it in a stable area protected from accidental impacts.

The same procedure must be applied on both bottles with the precaution to keep the containers at least 80cm apart.

Within a few hours of succussion, a density separation of liquids will take place inside the jar and the Gans will settle on the bottom, thus leaving the usable plasma water separate, which can be extracted and placed in a separate bottle for use.

The plasma water retains its characteristics for about 24 hours from the separation from the Gans, to lengthen this time, it can be wrapped in a container in use with aluminum or other shielding material.

For more information and insights on Gans and their uses:
Keshe Foundation
Spaceship institute

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