Quantum Labels – Self-Adaptive Labels

Self-adaptive labels are an extremely advanced technology, the result of a research work that has allowed to insert programs and algorithms inside the surface layer of the material, making the latter a real organic computer.

Through these subtle elements it is possible to modify the behavior model of the object on which they are applied both in static terms (weight, light diffraction, sound refraction) and in dynamic terms (inertia, distribution and balance, dynamism).

In a nutshell, the labels carry within them a specific programming at the molecular level that, once applied and activated, becomes operational, influencing the element on which they are placed and executing the program that has been loaded.

The applications of this technology are very wide and range from power supply to the management of electric charges, from the modification of the thermal trim to sport.

In the field of feeding and production of essences, for example, a label has been studied that allows to automatically analyze the vibratory field of the user and the product inside the container and to adapt the taste, scent and vibratory fields of the latter, in order to give the maximum effect to the element in terms of digestibility, pleasure and balance.

In the field of sports they affect the static and dynamism of the instrument used, allowing the ideal competitive values to be taken within the user's field and the instrument itself adapted to the needs of the athlete.

How to use:
In general, we have chosen to leave a similar and intuitive usage model for all labels and for all fields of application.

Each label has an indicated sensitivity zone where you can place your finger for analysis and vibratory twinning.

It will be sufficient to leave the finger in place in contact with the label, for nine seconds and wait as many before the modification of the fields can be completed.

The test labels then have on their surface an indication of the temporal duration of the effect, defined according to the sport for which they are dedicated and two buttons, one of on, at the top, and one of off, at the bottom. 

To have a complete experience of their effectiveness, once applied on your instrument (in the case of a stick preferably a third of the length of the shaft, in the case of a racket in the area between the handle and the tuning, in the case of cycling on the frame in front of the saddle), we recommend activating them and testing the modified field for a few minutes and then deactivating them to perceive the differences compared to the original stick and appreciate the differences.

Between switching on and off we recommend waiting at least three minutes before changing the field. 

Once tested, the label can remain in the On position for the entire duration of the project. 

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