It is an instrument created to move the magnetic and informed fields of the animated elements, through the emission of different colors on asynchronous bands positioned in a specific geometry.

Principle of operation:
The colors are pointers of the magnetic dust and indicate to this the axial direction to be given to their motion. The basic colors under green (yellow, orange, red and infrared) expand the inframolecular distances, bring vibratory slowdown and consequently greater electromagnetic vibration (electricity and magnetism over time); emissions above green (cyan, blue, purple and uv) compress the inframolecular distances, bringing vibratory acceleration and consequently less traditional electromagnetic emission. Green emission is the axial equilibrium field where the movement is linear-plane.
Pain and material erosion are usually derived from deflections of transmission of flows between the emission source and the compression source and, depending on the narrowing characteristics of the flow route, we will have more or less material decay. Exposing the part to be treated simultaneously to two contrasting information such as the two colors in spiraloid geometry, the material elements of immobility that reduce the flow, fragment in the two directions and shrinkage will be reduced by resuming the correct natural movement. Once the part has been treated and dynamic energy has been restored, it will be sufficient to reorient the global field with a natural exposure to the Earth's gravitational force or inclined at 90 ° to have the rebalancing of the enlivened dust brought back to the correct position.

Depending on the position given to the double spiral structure with respect to the area to be treated, we will have the opportunity to work respectively on the field:
– Magnetic Sky-Earth,
– Electric Right-Left or
– Temporal Development Behind-Front.

The maximum performance obtained by this instrument took place by working simultaneously on the three axes, coupling a double flat spiral in a vertical axis, a double flat spiral in the lateral axis and a frequency emitter with Magnitude Cleaning programs or Gradients of the Matrix of Natural Resonant Frequencies.
The visible effect in luminescent spectroscopy was the dynamization of the global field along the main axes and the consequent restabilization in the points of connection and equilibrium over time with the elimination of the amorphous bottlenecks of the flow.

Structure with engravings on containment plates of the emitters in transparent and black plexiglass with inside neon-led rgb wrapped in a spiral and chromatic trend of the programming in slow, out-of-sync exchange of the two emitters per axis.

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