Thank you!

Thank you for your purchase and welcome to the fantastic world of the Matrix!

Now you are happy owners of a Frequency mat. The first step that we advise you to take to understand how to best use it is to read the guide that contains useful tips and explanations for easy and conscious use. 

You can download the guide by clicking here:

In addition, with the purchase of this product you have at your disposal 12 general programs that you can find in the list at the link below:

Then, in addition to these, based on the size of the mat you ordered you have available, at your choice from a complete list that can be consulted by clicking here

a quantity of programs equal to:
– 7 programs for the Mini mat,
– 22 programs for the Medium Small version, both foldable and flat,
– 36 programs for the Medium version,
– > 500 for the Large version

Finally, we remind you that it is possible to request customized frequency programs based on your vibratory structure at the moment: to request your specific analysis you can complete the form by clicking here and entering your data.

Good use and that are many beautiful experiences!🤩

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