The ga(ME) project

What if contemporary art wouldn’t be a personal emotional need of transmission of experiences, transporting it on a medium but the artist become the representative of a common/collective experience and knowledge connected to it?
Emotions would become a vehicle through which getting the state of ECSTASY, an optimal attitude of observation in which the artist would becomes a common consciousness and the emotion would grow up becoming a sense of joy in seeing, understanding and being part of the infinite possible mechanisms in which matter would represent only the last and slowest level.

The Project
The Manifest of Willness

Containers (Unique Material Artworks)
NFT Collectibles
Multiple artworks in limited edition


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Creating works that are visible on multiple temporal axes and that use the informed magnetic field to complete their conception, defining also the perceived, beyond the matter.

Each element in reality is composed by information, frequencies and energy.
The whole mix creates an inertia that vibrates following a time axis.

is a rhythmic vibration in expansion and contraction, along a perimeter within which geometries and colors insist.

are highways on which information travels in space and define the direction and places it get into.

is the amount of spin that is given to the information when it is inserted into the frequency. Depending on the direction it can generate light, sound or mass.

By creating elements with particular conditions of places and times and making them visible on multiple temporal axes, HARMONY and BALANCE are generated and it creates ECHOES over time.

All creatives from all fields and techniques who wish to use information and frequencies in their creations.

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I am an artist, an architect and an inventor. I consider myself a visionary.

Together with my partner I have spent the last few years discovering the world of magnetism and understanding the deepest and most hidden rules of Time.

We have studied Nature with N in capital, in its maximum width, observing and stealing the secrets of its evolution.

Every time we perceived a mechanism, I proposed it again in a technological apparatus and at the moment we have more than 150 inventions active, many of which manage to evade Time rules.

We have decided to give some works as knowledge to humanity while others are given to companies so that, with their work and the ability to disseminate them, they can improve human life on this level.

What drives us is curiosity and since we believe that every question already contains the answer, we continue to ask and explore.

And in this trait there are the reasons that led to art: the possibility of expression beyond matter, without the limit of judgment.

Art is a vehicle in the search for knowledge and dissemination. More than ever today, with the new quantum technologies on information, it can express itself with wider horizons.

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The Manifest of Willness

With our IDEAS
we are creating an INFORMED NET that,
working on an entangled FIELD,
participates in the realization of a new and widespread
HARMONY for this plan.

Whenever a NEW item has been edited,
it adds a complementary field.

When the basic structure,
living as ONE ENTITY,
coordinated in its dynamism by the same


will be fully generated,
it will receive SUSTAINING POINTS on which learn to walk,
spreading it in places, defined for
harmony of the WHOLE, – specific – points on the planet
where we will place unique works,


to then bring the project to a
even HIGHER level,
through the repetition of ACTIONS and
compound information in


calculated by the ALGORITHM,
according to Universal Mathematics,
which will allow you to experience the harmony generated
on others time axes,
giving to this work,
multidimensional visibility and


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Each work vibrates in matter at a certain magnetic frequency.
This has been coded and made available as a sound for the owner, who complete the journey.

Original works, connected though web and magnetic field to specific informations that define those as unique.

Are.. as if alive.
(is the Existence that manifests itself)

Each one contains the values of a gained experience in understanding the invisible field that wants to be shared with Observer.

These artwork can be bought personally for your collection/home pleasure or in crowding, with public exposure supplied by our partners in different part of the world.

Are you interested in one container or in becoming partner in a new space? Please contact us directly here. >>

Container List:
The Reality Key
Brain Light
The Anama

The Reality Key (Sold out)
engraved plexiglass led light box

Observer, the fixed point that reflects the crucible star, to which everything revolves, like a perfect mechanism, whose only function is to collect fragmented informations over time, to recompose them to understand its experience in the flow.

Kantico (Sold out)
nanocoated copper, nanocoated iron, plexiglass,
sorrounding sound and magnetic system

engraved plexiglass, led light strip, holographic projector

Thought is geometry and color which in the brain become electricity and shades, generating the holographic images that we see around us. Each neural network is a geometry that becomes frequency expanded over time and, when dragged by the field of gravity, it generates our body at all levels.

engraved plexiglass, led light strip

Light and sound are linked inextricably in Reality.
When thought generates light, it crosses the potential field like a column, carrying within it informations. Slowing down while curvature increases, it moves the surrounding environment creating sounds that, twisting on three axes, give consistency to all the generated construct. On angles assumed reciprocally, different colors, geometries and frequencies are generated.

Performance @LuganoArtWeek2022, October 01st in Villa Castagnola

Brain Light
engraved plexiglass, led light strip, holographic projector

Thought is geometry and colors. Each time a holographic image is created, points in different parts of the brain connect to generate a neural net made of information and electricity, of lines between points at different depths, creating specific viewing angles. Once the connections have been established, the colors incorporate them and define the durability of the new apparatus over time.

The Anama (Sold out)
engraved 3D plexiglass

Anama is a movement
of the magnetic energies that
leaves, in its passage
like the vortex of a propeller
started forward at a
flying appliance
that moves the air
crests and waves
that spread over time
through the solid structure
that allows it to be in flight
drawing, in its passage

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Limited and numbered editions made specifically for the ga(ME) project.
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