Nft Airdrop for LuganoArtWeek

Author: Alec_2047
Titel: Direction
Type: Information
Title: Direction (Direzione)

Thank you for the partecipation to
The Lugano Art Week NFT Conference:
“ART DIGITAL The View. NFT & Metaverse.”
@The View on sept. 29th, 2022!

As a gift for all persons that attended to this event, filling the contact form below, you will receive the original artwork with hidden content expecially created for this event, from the
artist: Alec_2047
titeld: “Direction”
ed.: 333 pieces

That artwork present the vibrating form of the information “Direction” and its sound as it is in the magnetic filed. It is part of “the ga(ME)” project.

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Goto and see >


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