The Matrix Card

God's Universe

Everything is information. 

In-formation, a specific vibration that moves in space and time that draws color geometries and sounds in its passage.

Like a formation it is composed of multiple smaller elements, each of which in turn draws, in its field of action, a geometry that at that specific point of the tenporal flow meets and lives with the others to which it is connected. 

Each piece of information is then a further aggregate, an entity composed of other finite elements similar in the field at a smaller size, or whatever you like, in a flow of time shorter, less twisted, where the perception of equilibrium allows to see only its entirety.

Every geometry assumed by life has lines that define the slide of information and axial angles with respect to the observer that guarantee the connection with the infinite source from which consciousness operates.

Each angle between this slide therefore defines the slowing down of the flow and the more open it is the slower the flow of information will be.

The matrix represents the mathematics and geometry of the field that dragged by the energies of observation generates the visible and the perceptible. 

Each matrix point is an angular relationship between all the horizontal elements of the previous line and the verticals that precede it, giving rise to a resonant vibration with specific angles of vision and perception and belonging material elements.

Each card is a matrix point that brings within it selected characteristic information, a specific sound and a geometric relationship that generates in the flow of time vectors of motion that direct the field towards that connection port where the observer can absorb experience and knowledge becoming in those angles


New game play, the new way of playing with frequencies.

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